Why Sin City Private Investigators?

As the Licensee of Sin City Private Investigators, Robert L. Clymer has the ability to access an Entire Network of Retired FBI Agents Worldwide who now work as Private Investigators. So no matter what your needs are, we can find the most highly trained investigators in the World to get you the information you require.

Robert L. Clymer, Special Agent, FBI (Retired)

Nevada Private Investigator, License #1421

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Special Agent Robert L. Clymer, Federal Bureau of Investigation (Retired), has the Knowledge, Training, and Experience to provide invaluable Expertise to help Solve Your Individual Case. During his Twenty-Two year Career with the FBI, former Special Agent Clymer worked Complex, Long-Term Investigations employing the use of Sophisticated Investigative Techniques, such as Title III Electronic Surveillance and Undercover Operations. While with the FBI, SA Clymer earned a Positive Reputation for his ability to Gain Intelligence from people from all walks of life, accommodating their different Perspectives, Viewpoints, and Personalities. With his Institutional Knowledge of the Rules, Policies, and Procedures of Federal prosecutions, former SA Clymer delivers Unparalleled Expertise to your individual case.


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