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Do you ask yourself, "Am I crazy?" Do you question whether the person you love is acting unfaithful. Do you feel betrayed, lied to and manipulated? Many of us have been in this horrendous situation and have experienced the pain and betrayal that comes from a cheating spouse or loved one.  That sinking feeling in your gut is simply not enough to end a valued relationship.   You need proof, an independent third-party to verify your suspicions.  It is better to know the truth than to continue accepting someone else's lies and acts of betrayal.

When you call Sin City Private Investigators, rest assured that your privacy is protected and that we will treat you with respect and sensitivity.  We understand the difficult situation you are faced with.  We will discreetly follow your loved one to determine whether they are innocently enjoying the company of friends or if they are succumbing to the carnal temptations of someone else. We will document their behavior with photographs and video which will be provided to you in a timely basis, oftentimes within minutes via text messaging or email.


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