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Are you faced with Divorce and are wondering if your spouse has been hiding money and assets?  Have they opened Bank Accounts in other States?  Do they have Investment Accounts you don't know about?  How much money are in these hidden Bank Accounts?  Oftentimes in a Divorce, especially in high value estate cases, one party may attempt to conceal their true net worth to avoid alimony payments or for a variety of other reasons.  It is not uncommon for a spouse to try and hide their assets.  

Although there are many ways to "hide" assets, Sin City Private Investigators  has numerous investigative tools and techniques available to help you find these hidden assets.  Our investigators are trained professionals with a background in Financial Crimes and White Collar Criminal investigations as law enforcement officials.  We can provide you with verified bank and investment account information, including account balances, through research done within Federal and State privacy laws. This account information is legally obtained and can be used in a Court of law.  In fact, with our Worldwide Network of retired FBI Agents, we can gather financial information from all over the World.  We recognize that every situation is different, so call us today for a Free Case Evaluation, 1-833-746-2874.


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