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When you're experiencing that sinking feeling in your gut that your spouse or significant other is cheating on you, you need answers.  Answers to the questions that are plaguing your relationship and preventing you from enjoying that wonderful, loving relationship you deserve.  Sometimes those answers are right in front of you in the form of electronic devices.  Cellphones, iPads, tablets and computers are used by everyone in today's world to communicate and share personal information with each other.  If your spouse is cheating, he or she is most certainly using some sort of digital technology to facilitate their nefarious activities.  These devices store text messages, photos, videos, telephone call logs and GPS/location data that will provide you with the evidence you need to answer those questions plaguing your relationship.

Sin City Private Investigators utilizes the Digital Forensic Imaging services of our Computer Lab to gather and analyze this electronic data.  We obtain the Evidence you need to demonstrate the undeniable facts that this sinking feeling in your gut isn't just your imagination.  In fact, we can even recover deleted text messages and photographs that your spouse is trying to hide.  Our Digital Forensic Imaging creates a bit-for-bit clone of digital evidence, following legal chain of custody procedures that result in viable evidence that can be analyzed and used in court.

Additionally, Sin City Private Investigators can identify and collect social media content from the leading social media networking sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  This means we can capture the social media communications of your loved one even if we do not have access to his or her cellphone, tablet or computer.  Call us today to discuss the many options we have available for you to gather and use this digital evidence, 1-833-746-2874


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