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The driving purpose of Sin City Private Investigators is to help others who either cannot stand up for themselves or find themselves in difficult situations and require our set of unique abilities and talents to resolve their difficult issues. We treat every case with utmost importance and every client with utter respect. Our clients deserve our best efforts and resources to effectively and efficiently resolve their case in a logical and concise manner.  It is the sincere desire of Sin City Private Investigators to provide the highest level of service and professionalism to all of our clients, regardless of a person’s financial abilities or physical attributes, i.e., Race, Gender, or Beliefs. In doing so, Sin City Private Investigators has earned the loftiest of reputations within the industry. We will continue to strive to be the very best Private Investigative firm available in the State of Nevada.

Sin City Private Investigators' Registered Employees are expected to perform the following job duties as assigned:

• Independently put forth the effort necessary to accomplish routine, as well as, very difficult investigations, duties, and assignments, 

   consistently producing complete and accurate work within deadlines.

• Gather information using basic and sophisticated investigative techniques and resources.

• Covertly conduct surveillance of both stationary and mobile targets, utilizing a best practices approach to minimize dangerous 

   situations and ensure the safety of investigative personnel and to protect the integrity of the investigation.

• Independently identify, gather, and manage the collection of information, evaluating whether it is complete, accurate, and relevant.

• Consolidate and/or integrate information and draw informed conclusions from analysis.

• Proactively identify multiple alternatives for unusual or difficult investigations, and determine appropriate solutions.

• Consult with others when appropriate, make prompt, reasonable, and effective decisions in difficult, challenging, or complex 


• Participate in group problem-solving efforts and facilitate the development of effective solutions.

• Develop sound plans for completing complex investigations and/or projects, efficiently allocating time, personnel, and other resources.

• Prioritize and coordinate work assignments.

• Anticipate major problems and obstacles and develop appropriate solutions for successful resolution.

• Willingly provide assistance and guidance to coworkers.

• Resolve conflicts and disputes with others calmly and rationally, considering multiple perspectives.

• Promote teamwork and team involvement in planning and decision making.

• Demonstrate basic and complex knowledge of information relevant to on-going investigations and future investigative actions.

• Share specialized knowledge with others to assist them with straightforward and complex tasks relevant to personal areas of


• Communicate clearly and concisely, conveying ideas at a level appropriate for the audience.

• Respond accurately and in a timely manner to routine and difficult questions, taking others’ perspectives into account and anticipate 

   potential problems.

• Clearly explain investigative, technical, or other specialized information to coworkers or other groups, so that listeners can understand

   the information.

• Deliver routine and complex presentations and/or briefings, conveying main points clearly and concisely.

• Effectively persuade and/or negotiate with others using data and/or facts to support position.

• Independently prepare routine and complex written materials that are well organized, comprehensive, and targeted to the proper


• Produce documents that are thorough, logical, and concise.

• Review documents to ensure that the information is accurate, consistent, and complete.

• Independently conduct basic and in-depth interviews/interrogations, skillfully collecting relevant and useful information, even from 

   difficult and uncooperative persons.

• Independently establish contact with individuals or organizations that may provide information or assistance in investigations.

• At all times adhere to all Local, State and Federal laws, rules and regulations.

Sin City Private Investigators, an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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